Slig-Newbie Day 1 Experience…

Technically its day two, considering I attended Tech Day on Saturday, but then again today is Tuesday.  This should be your first impression that being overwhelmed is an understatement.  I had not been to an institute before, and SLIG was my first choice.  The opportunity to learn from the Masters Mr. Tom Jones, Mr. Rick Sayre, Ms. Judy Russell and Mrs. Pam Sayre was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on.  Here I am in Advanced Genealogical Methods, and the general comments from other SLIG participants “Wow, you just jumped right in” and “Be prepared not to sleep”.  Great… I booked myself for an event most nights…   if I thought I was going to be sleeping now I know I won’t be.

After my official first day of class I can say… they are right… except the sleep part.. My laptop decided it didn’t want me to do any homework, and thankfully Sara Cochran saved my evening and we worked on our homework together.  She on her laptop and me on my ipad, we accomplished some of the mystery of the widow Jospehine.  She was a fighter, and I know that I will take some of her patience and preservice and make it through the rest of this class…….

The SLIG committee members are wonderful.  They are hardworking volunteers, they are going out of the way to make you feel welcome and ensure you have everything you need… except the answers to your homework.

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