Lots of fun things happening for me now…

1. I had lots of fun at RootsTech & meet lots of people
2. The opportunity to speak on a Panel in front of a lot of people was exciting, but being 1 of the 5 selected was awesome! – in the genealogy world they are rock stars
3. Got to meet #genchat +Jen Baldwin, whom asked me to be on th panel
4. +Judy Russell the legalgenealogist.com and Elissa from Board of Certified Genealogist said I need to “get on the clock”
5. Meeting more Blogger’s telling me I need to write more! (LOL)
6. I found that I plan to turn my hobby into my job

I probably lost most of you… but if you haven’t figured it out family… I’m no longer the “unofficial” family historian… bump me up to THE Family Historian…

Thanks for reading!
Laurie – aka confusethedead.com @confusethedead on twitter