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Newsflash, Genea-flu attacks my new baby

Earlier this week I was doing some research with the new baby online, while surfing Facebook. Seeing everyone coming down with the Genea-flu from SLC for SLIG, I decided to call it a night.  I put the baby down for a nap (only closing the lid and letting the baby sleep). I came back the following evening after work, only to find it had been affected by a nasty virus.  I quickly ran antivirus scan 1, no luck, went to stronger malware scan. The prognoses was slightly better, removed several pieces of malware. Ok, check to see how friends are surviving Genea-flu. Some needing more bed rest, OTC meds, and some sleep, but the squeaky shoes was still taunting Cyndi; Others were surviving determined to go to SLIG classes so I decide to go back to researching. Oh no the bug is worse! What to do? The baby was just brought home the day before Thanksgiving. The baby was fully loaded with all the genealogical data from its big sister by Christmas… Only choice left was to Restore…  The next day the restore failed. What to do, restore back to the next prior date Christmas! Next morning confirmed failed again! This virus is nasty!! The data doctors are at a loss how to help the new baby.  “Just going to have to do a complete restore” says the Dr. I say please help the baby, I really like the touch screen, and the new features the baby we’re learning together.  Hesitantly, I start the factory restore. The time, the work, the memories…

Next morning I head to work, my son continues to work on the baby, she is showing positive signs the genea-flu cured.  Now to re-add all the programs and download the cloud databases. Then go and check on how the SLC Genea-friends are feeling. Squeaky shoes, still taunting Cyndi, the Judy is looking for a friend to go to SLIG Banquet, Cathi is sneaking time in the FHL. Others still coughing but surviving.. The week is almost over.

Jen had a good suggestion now it’s time to start now stocking up on extra vitamin C, anti bacteria gels and soaps, two anti virus programs and now getting ready for the Rootstech/FGS conference in just 2 weeks. I’ve decided the baby is just to fragile to travel to SLC. She’s staying home. Hoping the Genea-peeps are better, as well as my new baby is recovering also. Best wishes to all the Genea-flu stickies and the survivors. Hope to see you all better soon!