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The FGS conference is just around the corner, have you started to think about your list?  Most people are thinking about the naughty and nice list.  For those of us attending FGS Conference we are also thinking about a to-do list for the Family History Library in Salt Lake City while writing out those cards.  In those moments of less chaos I’ll gathering my list of classes, and speakers, and events and start planning my days.

I didn’t plan my trip to the library out very well… I didn’t account for falling down the “rabbit hole” when I found a whole page of ancestors and lost track of what I was looking for.  You know you have done this before….

As a newbie to last year’s conference, I didn’t know who’s who so planning a class by who the instructor was really was not on my list.  I wanted to take things that were going to get me more help in areas that I thought I needed.  Remember there was so much to see, so much to do.  I did not have a back up plan last year for classes I planned but were full.  On a lighter note, there were also products and services that I was interested in, as well as meeting the presenters in the Expo Hall during their downtime.

The information from the conference gave me resources to listen to webinars, and links to blogs.  This helped fine tune my subject areas, but also helped prepare for next year. I’ll be looking for more advanced classes.  This will give me time also to volunteer with FGS.

Upon registering for the FGS Conference, I’ve already planned luncheons. Now I just have to see what classes and other events that I can attend.  Have you heard…. Alex Boye and the One World Children’s Choir will be preforming at FGS Conference! Check out the list of activities on the FGS Conference page.

FGS 2015 ~ Connect.Explore.Refresh

With great enthusiasm I’ve been selected to be an FGS Ambassador for the FGS 2015/ Rootstech Conference. This will be my first FGS Conference.  I attended my first Rootstech and then Jamboree by Southern California Genealogy Society last year.

I’m very much looking forward to February 11-14 in Salt Lake City.  There are great classes, with awesome lecturers and the opportunity to go to Salt Lake City Family History Library!  Let’s not forget there are so many great networking opportunities with fellow genealogist.  The awesome vendor hall to show us the latest and greatest products and gadgets, as well as the couch area with the mini presentations.  This was a great way also to catch some of those vendors or speakers that you didn’t have time to go to their class.  Remember not everyone is a professional, but we all have one thing in common, climbing our family trees.

There is still time for you to register for FGS2015/Rootstech, February 11-14 in Salt Lake City.

I look forward to see you in Salt Lake!

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