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Wrapping up from MGP2


I’ve been taking MGP2 class with Dear Myrtle and the fabulous panel of participants, they have so much knowledge and it’s been wonderful to learn from them.  This class has definitely opened my eyes that I have a lot more work to do to improve my research and citing my sources. I’ve been doing my homework, listening to last the prior MGP classes and understanding the MGP process. Now, I need to start writing more about my research and write about my research and see understand that every blog post doesn’t have to be perfect.  Write about the person, and make a question and follow the proof standard of “who, what, where, where is, where at” to come to a conclusion, even if it hasn’t been 100% proven or not.  Then ask for feedback.  You never know what that kind of comments that will bring (other than spam J ). The hope would be that someone, somewhere out there may be related and find what you don’t know, and maybe even make cousin connections.

So here is my conclusions of things I need to work on:

Blogging my homework:  Conflict: Blogging is hard to me because, I’m afraid to put the information out there with the fear of copyright infringements. I’ve been doing the homework, but not posting it. Resolution: Take a writing class and just write, cite my sources, ask for feedback from the communities.  Know I will get better, the more you do, the quicker you will learn! Be positive!

Research: Conflict: Rhode Island records are extremely limited, most of my family research I need to work on are in that area. Resolution: Work on something in my research that is available online. Make a really long to-do list and set up a research trip to Rhode Island.

Language: Take a French class, to read, and write and understand French!  There are a lot of records available online from Canada that have a big impact on my family history.

Off to get ready to take the last chapter and hopefully graduate from MGP2 with the knowledge that I tried, and know that never stop learning, and network.


Reference Book: Mastering Genealogical Proof (Arlington, Virginia: National Genealogical Society, 2013) by Thomas W. Jones [Book available from NGS Genealogy also on Amazon Kindle ]

Mastering Genealogy Proof Class 2 available on Google Plus in the Dear Myrtle Community