Jamboree 2015

Southern California Genealogical Society hosted the Jamboree in Burbank, California June 4-7.  This year the Jamboree is having live streaming and recordings that are available until July 5.  If you have the opportunity click here and watch some of the great speakers.

This year I volunteered in the Tech Zone on June 5.  It was a last minute decision that turned out to be a very rewarding hour for myself, as well as the couple I was helping.  This couple came to the Jamboree for the first time, new to genealogy, just wanting to learn what is out there and how to access it.  After a quick search on Veterans Administration we confirmed her Grandfather was buried in the Veterans Cemetery, then to find Grandma.  Asked if they checked Find A Grave to see if they had a photo of the headstone, so we went there, no picture… but had them establish an account then a virtual cemetery, and request a photo, link Grandma & Grandpa..   They are hooked, learning, and making strides now!  Don’t you just love sharing what you love to do?  I do..