Things to remember for the next time

After going to the biggest conference of the year, looking back a few things to remember:

1. Go though the syllabus to have the pages ready for each class, instead of flipping through when you get to class to find it.

2.  Pack my notebook… although I’m a paperless gal, I found myself wanting to take notes on scraps of paper in my bag.

3.  Although I enjoy tweeting more, I really need to blog more. (finishing the blog posts when I get home is not the way to go!)

4. Pack my surge protector for multiple device plug in availability.  Never seem to have enough plugs in the room.

5.  Look at the list of Vendor’s pick out which ones that you want to go back to and remember to go back to them!

6. Bring my gedcom for the  Genealogy Wall Chart offer to print it for special price.

7.  Finally learn lots, have lots of fun!