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Find a Grave

This website is quite interesting.  It features multiple things for the researching genealogy. Things that I like, if I find someone whom is not there, I can add them. Then add them to a virtual cemetery for my family.  Then if someone would like to leave virtual flowers or a memorial they may do so.  The one thing I do not like is if the information is already there, then the person that put it there could have put misinformation on it, or incomplete information.  Keeping in mind you can request to “submit an edit request” if they are an aunt/uncle or cousin or more than a couple generation grandparent.  If that person is a relative and meets the one or two steps of a guideline requests the person that is handling the item has the option to transfer it to you. They don’t have to, because they “own” the information.  This is frustrating, because for me for the longest time, I’ve tried to keep the virtual closeness of my extended family private.  Now with technology being what it is, it’s awesome and scary at the same time.  I find myself in a pickle, do I start putting everyone into these sites, so no one else does it? So I can be like the hoarder of information like others?  Or work within the rules, and ask and hope that the request is honored?  What do you think?