Slig-Newbie Day 1 Experience…

Technically its day two, considering I attended Tech Day on Saturday, but then again today is Tuesday.  This should be your first impression that being overwhelmed is an understatement.  I had not been to an institute before, and SLIG was my first choice.  The opportunity to learn from the Masters Mr. Tom Jones, Mr. Rick Sayre, Ms. Judy Russell and Mrs. Pam Sayre was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on.  Here I am in Advanced Genealogical Methods, and the general comments from other SLIG participants “Wow, you just jumped right in” and “Be prepared not to sleep”.  Great… I booked myself for an event most nights…   if I thought I was going to be sleeping now I know I won’t be.

After my official first day of class I can say… they are right… except the sleep part.. My laptop decided it didn’t want me to do any homework, and thankfully Sara Cochran saved my evening and we worked on our homework together.  She on her laptop and me on my ipad, we accomplished some of the mystery of the widow Jospehine.  She was a fighter, and I know that I will take some of her patience and preservice and make it through the rest of this class…….

The SLIG committee members are wonderful.  They are hardworking volunteers, they are going out of the way to make you feel welcome and ensure you have everything you need… except the answers to your homework.

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Jamboree 2015

Southern California Genealogical Society hosted the Jamboree in Burbank, California June 4-7.  This year the Jamboree is having live streaming and recordings that are available until July 5.  If you have the opportunity click here and watch some of the great speakers.

This year I volunteered in the Tech Zone on June 5.  It was a last minute decision that turned out to be a very rewarding hour for myself, as well as the couple I was helping.  This couple came to the Jamboree for the first time, new to genealogy, just wanting to learn what is out there and how to access it.  After a quick search on Veterans Administration we confirmed her Grandfather was buried in the Veterans Cemetery, then to find Grandma.  Asked if they checked Find A Grave to see if they had a photo of the headstone, so we went there, no picture… but had them establish an account then a virtual cemetery, and request a photo, link Grandma & Grandpa..   They are hooked, learning, and making strides now!  Don’t you just love sharing what you love to do?  I do..




Blogger to .com

My Blogger site was getting more traffic, and this blog was getting left behind.  I updated the other site with a “We Moved” post.   If anyone have any suggestions on merging the Blogger to this site, please let me know.

Look for more fun here going forward….

Thanks for being here, I appreciate it!



NERGC is coming…

Can I say I’m so excited for NERGC.. not only do I get to go to Rhode Island.. but I get to do GENEALOGY!! Something I don’t get to do usually when I’m visiting.


What is NERGC?  It’s New England Regional Genealogical Conference, this year it’s in Providence, Rhode Island at the Rhode Island Convention Center April 15-18.

I have signed up for Craig Scott’s Military Research class.  Hopefully I can learn a couple more techniques to better my research.  Gosh knows this is an area I need help on! Plus I’ve selected lots of classes to have

Things to remember for the next time

After going to the biggest conference of the year, looking back a few things to remember:

1. Go though the syllabus to have the pages ready for each class, instead of flipping through when you get to class to find it.

2.  Pack my notebook… although I’m a paperless gal, I found myself wanting to take notes on scraps of paper in my bag.

3.  Although I enjoy tweeting more, I really need to blog more. (finishing the blog posts when I get home is not the way to go!)

4. Pack my surge protector for multiple device plug in availability.  Never seem to have enough plugs in the room.

5.  Look at the list of Vendor’s pick out which ones that you want to go back to and remember to go back to them!

6. Bring my gedcom for the  Genealogy Wall Chart offer to print it for special price.

7.  Finally learn lots, have lots of fun!




FGS – Rootstech Classes

Opening day Wednesday we opted to go to the library for the morning before heading over to the Event.  Have to say we arrived about 10 minutes early, and As I tweeted out. The line was like looking at a Black Friday morning sale.  The line was very long as the doors opened.  We filed in and all managed to disperse to the designated areas.

Here is a montage of photo’s from the classes and luncheon, and the FGS Social Event where we were able to hear from the Representatives from Genealogy Roadshow, Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your Roots.

Michael D Lacopo

Michael D Lacopo

Cheryl Hudson Passey, Judy Russell, Beverley  Fieg

Cheryl Hudson Passey, Judy Russell, Beverley Fieg

Warren Bittner

Warren Bittner

Rorey Cathcart speaking

Rorey Cathcart speaking

Social Evening with Representatives from Genealogy Roadshow, Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your Roots - CeCe Moore, Kenyatta D. Berry, Joshua Tayor

Social Evening with Representatives from Genealogy Roadshow, Who Do You Think You Are? Finding Your Roots – CeCe Moore, Kenyatta D. Berry, Joshua Tayor

Keynotes from FGS/Rootstech

The Keynote speakers were all wonderful…

Tan Le from Emotiv, her story has truly amazing.  Her families struggles, the courage to overcome obstacles, and now what she is doing for the technology world is a gift.  Please if you can take a listen to her story.
Tan Le Group Photo

Laura Bush was awesome, its was a very candid tale of life in the white house. The strength of family and how they as a family held together with the tragedies, and challenges that faced them during President George W. Bushes time in office.   She also reflected on the good times, and had a very candid interview with her daughter Jenna Bush-Hager.
Laura Bush and Jenna Bush Hager
A. J. Jacobs story of how we are all related, and his upcoming world wide event of the Global Family Reunion on June 6, 2015. See the below montage of the photo’s of family connections.  Remember we are all cousins!
I'm a cousin!

D. Josh Taylor who does it all from President of Federation of Genealogical Societies, and the Director of Find My Past, to working on both the Genealogy Roadshow, and Who do you think you are?  He’s a great speaker, and one busy guy!
D Josh Taylor Group Photo

Donny Osmond singing on Saturday morning! All hearts were a flutter! Donny starts off with singing and a montage from growing up in the spotlight. He shared family stories, and growing up Osmond.
Donny Osmond Group Photo

Group Photo’s were taken by Media photographer’s from Rootstech /FGS, used with permission. Please review my Twitter account @confusethedead for other photos from the day of the keynotes!

FGS-Rootstech Monday

The one thing about being in SLC during conference week would be the opportunities to meet new and old friends.  Monday February 9, I started the time going to the Family History Library I knew Dear Myrtle was going to be in the library.  A quick chance to say hello, and then off to do my research.

Dear Myrtle was set up and in the green room, Barry Kline was the camera man, and Jill Ball and other friends were in room.  Next thing, we are live!  How great an opportunity to see the HOA in person, and best of all get to listen to the drop in guests.  See the You Tube video from that morning.

Used with permission from Dear Myrtle

Newsflash, Genea-flu attacks my new baby

Earlier this week I was doing some research with the new baby online, while surfing Facebook. Seeing everyone coming down with the Genea-flu from SLC for SLIG, I decided to call it a night.  I put the baby down for a nap (only closing the lid and letting the baby sleep). I came back the following evening after work, only to find it had been affected by a nasty virus.  I quickly ran antivirus scan 1, no luck, went to stronger malware scan. The prognoses was slightly better, removed several pieces of malware. Ok, check to see how friends are surviving Genea-flu. Some needing more bed rest, OTC meds, and some sleep, but the squeaky shoes was still taunting Cyndi; Others were surviving determined to go to SLIG classes so I decide to go back to researching. Oh no the bug is worse! What to do? The baby was just brought home the day before Thanksgiving. The baby was fully loaded with all the genealogical data from its big sister by Christmas… Only choice left was to Restore…  The next day the restore failed. What to do, restore back to the next prior date Christmas! Next morning confirmed failed again! This virus is nasty!! The data doctors are at a loss how to help the new baby.  “Just going to have to do a complete restore” says the Dr. I say please help the baby, I really like the touch screen, and the new features the baby we’re learning together.  Hesitantly, I start the factory restore. The time, the work, the memories…

Next morning I head to work, my son continues to work on the baby, she is showing positive signs the genea-flu cured.  Now to re-add all the programs and download the cloud databases. Then go and check on how the SLC Genea-friends are feeling. Squeaky shoes, still taunting Cyndi, the Judy is looking for a friend to go to SLIG Banquet, Cathi is sneaking time in the FHL. Others still coughing but surviving.. The week is almost over.

Jen had a good suggestion now it’s time to start now stocking up on extra vitamin C, anti bacteria gels and soaps, two anti virus programs and now getting ready for the Rootstech/FGS conference in just 2 weeks. I’ve decided the baby is just to fragile to travel to SLC. She’s staying home. Hoping the Genea-peeps are better, as well as my new baby is recovering also. Best wishes to all the Genea-flu stickies and the survivors. Hope to see you all better soon!